What Is A Survey?

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Surveying, as defined by The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), is the science and art of making all essential measurements to determine the relative position of points or physical and cultural details above, on, or beneath the surface of the Earth, and to depict them in a usable form, or to establish the position of points or details.

Land surveying is a specific type of surveying that ACSM describes as the detailed study or inspection, as by gathering information through observations, measurements in the field, questionnaires, or research of legal instruments, and data analysis in the support of planning, designing, and establishing of property boundaries. It involves the re-establishment of cadastral surveys and land boundaries based on documents of record and historical evidence, as well as certifying surveys (as required by statute or local ordinance) of subdivision plats or maps, registered land surveys, judicial surveys, and space delineation. Land surveying can include associated services such as mapping and related data accumulation, construction layout surveys, precision measurements of length, angle, elevation, area, and volume, as well as horizontal and vertical control surveys, and the analysis and utilization of land survey data.

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Why You Need A Land Surveyor

Ask Yourself This Question

Ask yourself this question. Why would you purchase ANYTHING without knowing fully what you are getting?

This question is especially relevent when it comes to buying a home. With most loans today, the buyer signs off stating they understand any problem that appears down the road that would have been discovered with a land survey is the buyer's problem, not the mortgage company. With the multitude of legal documents they must sign at a loan closing, they don't give this much thought. Oftentimes, they are even encouraged not to have the property surveyed, in order to "save money," only to learn later that the "savings" turned out to be a major expense instead!

Another good time to have your property surveyed is before you do any landscaping, fencing, or any type of exterior home improvements. You absolutely MUST know where your property lines are before approaching any project. A relatively small expense before a project begins will give you the peace of mind from knowing there will be no surprises later that might become a financial burden.

Gone are the days when a survey was required for every real estate related loan transaction, however, the burden of knowing what you own remains fully in your hands. Don't wait any longer. Get your property surveyed - ASAP!